Here are some common questions that you may ask, so you can find the solutions here. 

Q: What difference is there between a university and an engineering school?

The first “grandes écoles d’ingénieur” were created over two centuries ago to meet the needs of France’s industries and armed forces. They now train more than 80 percent of the country’s engineers. Universities are even older-the first one  was founded in the twelfth century. Traditionally, they have trained students in sciences, such as mathematics and physics. Recently, universities have established engineering programs. France even has three so-called universities of technology.

Q: How is social and cultural life organized in engineering schools?

Engineering  schools are very well known for their social life. As soon as you arrive, you will be contacted by students who will suggest all sorts of cultural, athletic, and recreational activities

Q: How much do students need to meet their monthly needs?

It costs at least 700 euros per month to live in France, if you live in a student hall housing and eat at university restaurants.

Q: Are international students entitled to national health insurance and other social benefits?


Q: How do you open a bank account in a French bank?

You need a passport, residence permit, and proof of address in France, plus a minimum amount of money to deposit on your bank account.