How to apply?

Courses are taught in French, so it is highly recommended to be relatively fluent in French before starting the academic year. Level B2 is required.

Applying directly

If you hold a higher education qualification from your  home country you can apply directly via  the Polytech school network. You need to prepare an application form and  include a copy of your qualification(s) in your mother tongue or the language used at your home institution plus  a translation in French and the relevant Transcripts of Records. The fuller and more detailed the description (marks/grades, unit descriptions, number of hours per unit, etc.), the better the chance of success.

Bilateral agreements

Vietnam National University of Hanoi, Hanoi University of Technology: the deadline for students applying to Polytech Paris-Sud is May 15th.


If you hold a  of a ’Bachelor’ degree you can be admitted directly into the 2nd year and follow two years of training at Polytech Paris-Sud in order to get  the Engineer Diploma. Non-European students are advised to apply via the n+i program (

Non-degree studies

If you want  to apply for an exchange program, you  must initially check you are entitled to do so with the person in charge of exchange programs at your institution. The study period at Polytech is part of the study at your  home university; credits gained at Polytech are transferable. Exchanges last from 3 to 12 months. You are expected to have good results at their home university. Your home institution must have approved your Learning Agreement.


Through MICEFA (network of universities of France and North America), you are free to continue studying by choosing from any of the courses offered at Polytech (


Applicants will receive a code from the person in charge of this exchange program at their home institution. This code will  give on-line access to an application form which must be completed by the candidate (


To participate in the SOCRATES/ERASMUS program, you must be a student in  one the participating countries.

The deadline for ERASMUS students applying at Polytech Paris-Sud is May 15th.