Education at Polytech Paris-Sud lasts 5 years and is divided into 2 cycles:

  • Preparatory stage (2 years)
  • Engineering stage (3 years)

Young engineers must have  solid scientific and technological skills and competences, but also a good knowledge of business life. That is why the general training includes economics, accountancy, marketing and communication classes. English is mandatory so Polytech Paris-Sud engineers must achieve a minimum score of  750 / 900 at the  TOEIC test (Test of English for International Communication). In addition, French students have to learn a second language (German or Spanish). French is considered as the second foreign language for foreign students.

      The preparatory stage lasts 2 years and is a specific course entirely dedicated to students selected by Polytech. It provides the basics for all students and gives them the necessary foundation knowledge to follow the classess of their majors in the Engineering cycle.

      The engineering stage comprises a six-month period common to all students and aiming to ensure that students acquire a solid foundation, particularly in mathematics, physics and data processing. After this first period, students coose a major among the 4 followings:

  • Electronics and embedded systems
  • Computer Science
  • Materials
  • Optronics

Courses include three internships  in industry or labs, either in France or abroad.

     Foreign students can be admitted in the second year with a Bachelor’s degree.

     Different opportunities are offered to students to customize their studies:

  • Projects and internships throughout their studies at Polytech Paris-Sud
  • Specialities offered in the second year
  • Studying abroad (for French students)
  • Possible initiation of research during the Master’s level final year.

Polytech Paris-Sud also offers a large number of elctives. They are associated with research projects being developed in its partner laboratories.